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May 14, 2013 / the s.a. project

The darker the night, the shinier the lights

Ayaz Jokhio - Karachi, Gouache on Wasli, 20.5 x 26.5 Inches*

Ayaz Jokhio – Karachi, Gouache on Wasli, 20.5 x 26.5 Inches*

*Image courtesy Canvas Gallery (Khi) – From the exhibition Non-Commissioned Portraits and Landscapes

Considering how I’m feeling lately and taking into account what my country is going through these days (and it seems always), it’s no wonder that this work by Ayaz Jokhio struck a deep chord within me. His Karachi also reminds me of another – Karachi by Night, a 1956 painting by Modernist painter Zubeida Agha, has always always held a powerful hold on me. In an odd-ish way, this is an ode to a city that’s never been my home.

Zubeida Agha's "Karachi by Night" Painted in 1956

Zubeida Agha – Karachi by Night, 1956, Oil on board, 30″ x 26.5″

Apologies – my usual snarky self is on a blogging hiatus. As always, there is much to say – but …



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  1. karachikhatmal / May 20 2013 12:00 pm


    Very difficult to articulate legible responses to that painting, so thanks and well did.

    • the s.a. project / May 20 2013 7:23 pm

      Very cryptic! But from the tweets that followed, I now know it meant you loved the Zubeida Agha. Yes…very uff uff uff gorgeous.

  2. Paul / May 31 2014 3:46 pm

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