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November 21, 2011 / the s.a. project

The armchair had exotic birds!

Installation view of my work at Step Across This Line, Asia House - photo by Leela Axon

Click here to view more images from my work in the Step Across This Line show.

Hello hunchbacks of the underworld!

Thank you for all your emails wondering where my blog and I have disappeared off to. We’re here. Not dead. Or toast. Sipping on endless gallons of tea and contemplating upon new adventures.

I’m working on a very interesting blogpost at the moment featuring a very kooky artist whose work I have always liked. I also have some other posts lined up featuring some exciting new work by other unknown artists. So keep tuned for that

I have also been exceptionally busy working out the kinks in my new website. It’s time I got cracking on it. However, it just bloody well seems to crack me back. I will do it. Hopefully it should be up by next week.


On the BLOG front –

The s.a. Project is now competing in the  Pakistan Blog Awards in the Best Culture Blog category. 

Please click on this link to vote. All you have to do is click 5 stars on the grey area on top of the post. I would really appreciate the support. If I win it increases my chance to take over the world. And you get to read more of my shit. It’s good shit though, you know it.


Meanwhile, the brilliant Expat-Pakistani artist Bani Abidi has just launched her book titled The Speech Writer, published by Raking Leaves (who also commissioned Imran Qureshi‘s Side by Side and Aisha Khalid’s Name, Class, Subject). According to the their website, “The Speech Writer is a fictional documentary presented in the form of 10 flip books that follow a day-in-the life of a retired speech writer.

One day I will publish my book too, just you all wait. Not sure why anyone will want the madness though.

The Speech Writer - Bani Abidi, Book published by Raking Leaves. Image courtesy Raking Leaves

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  1. S A J Shirazi / Nov 21 2011 10:05 pm

    Have left my comment there and what is more, I have liked your work here.


  1. good to overtrain
  2. The armchair had exotic birds! | Tea Break

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