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May 11, 2011 / the s.a. project

Scribbles are soo 2011

Here are some videos for you to check out. Have fun. If you’ve seen them before then there’s not much I can do about the zero-excitement-factor. 


Here’s a very small clip on the Jamjar show ‘Hear Me Roar‘ by the 20something show…I laughed so hard at Ala Dehgan‘s and my part (the last bit)I think I sprained my intestines. scribbles are sooooo 2011!


This is an introductory/overview video of the Grey Noise booth at Art Dubai. The video features Umer Butt talking about his gallery’s agenda and then a bit about me and Mehreen. Whoooppieee!


It’s a music video by a local artist Faiza Mujahid. I’m posting it here solely because artist pal Mehreen Murtaza (who I’ve feature previously here: I’m so jealous I could bite your Knuckle) has played the drums in this song, which I think is Über cool. She is also the Art director of the video, and the website too methinks. My good friends at EyeBee Armughan Hassan, Shah Zaman Baloch and Sohail Azad have worked on the video which is done pretty damn well. Have a listen if you wish.

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