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April 21, 2011 / the s.a. project

the joys of last week and so

Apparently the spam that pours into my blog is up to date with my anxiety issues at the moment and is now selling me anti-panic drugs along with the Viagra ‘that i need for a long night with my wife’. Great. Intelligent spam. The world could do without it.

So I’ve been meaning to talk about so so so much but never got around to it. My little ulcer keeps me busy and what a joy it is to raise my little one and deal with its tantrums. I try to drug it but it keeps me awake at night. Asshole.

I also never got around to doing the Abraaj Prize post, but I’ll pop that in soon too. While I write that I’m planning different plots on how to get my hands on the Abraaj prize book that was launched in Dubai: Footnotes to a Project. I saw it with Sabah Husain yesterday at NCA and am itching to get my own copy. I don’t know what happened but I missed the launch because I never found the launch location! crap big fancy hotels with 20 million rooms (or my own inability to follow instructions.)

Speaking of ‘yesterday at NCA’, I have plans to go back to college and join the MA Visual Arts visiting faculty. I’ve had a talk with the coordinator and she seems very inclined to it also. And yesterday, I co-held a 3rd space seminar with Sabah Husain for the MA students. This could be interesting, fun… although I’m hoping this is going to verge on violent, ferocious, extremely animated debate. yes yes yes that’s what I love about the 3rd space seminar.

#3, 2007 – 08, digital color lambda print face mounted on clear acrylic, 29.71x 21.08 cm, Edition of 3 + 2 AP

Anyway, right now a great show to catch is Ayesha Jatoi’s at the Grey Noise gallery.

The Private View, Ayesha Jatoi New Works opened on Sunday, April 17th and the show will go on till the 9th of May, 2011.

I fell in love with the show and I really wish I had more time to spend at the gallery when I went. When the work is that minimal I feel like the more time I spend in front if it the more stories I spin out of the crazed vacuum in my head. Ayesha was trained as a miniature artist at NCA but her practice over the years has incorporated many different elements, predominantly from new media. Her current show is a series of photographs of spaces in her house. The entire play is around light and shades and reflection on walls. It is absolutely gorgeous and if I must say (quite melodramatically actually) it’s very poetic. For me the works have a very painterly quality with a very sensitive approach towards tonal quality and composition. However to look at them, technically and conceptually, as photographs brings in many other strains of thoughts which have popped up in conversation with other visitors: good critique and maybe sometimes valid critique, but irrelevant for me. Because it’s one those shows that you’d like to have with your tea for quite some time.

Pictures and details on the new and improved super savvy website of Grey Noise.

Oh I wish my body would stop feeling so tired and old and vitamin-D-less-ness so I could make my way to the other shows around the city. I missed the DeDrawing Studio show opening as well as the Young Artists exhibition on at the Alhamra…that one I’ll catch on Saturday.

Now to delicious piping hot aloo gosht. cheerio!


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  1. Moonbeam / Apr 21 2011 2:57 pm

    You are so witty and funny. I love your blog !! Say hi to the little one for me ;p and keep your wife satisfied with all that Viagra !


  1. the joys of last week and so | Tea Break

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