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December 19, 2010 / the s.a. project


I’m posting below a very interesting rant that was emailed to me this week by an artist whose identity is undercover here under the pseudonym of i hate most painters’. The remarkable part is that while the reader might automatically assume that it’s just another one of those bitter artists with relatively no career to speak of lashing out, it’s actually quite the opposite. The artist not only has quite a few shows to his/her name, but also has received decent support from the critic’s side. The artist is known to have bold opinions regarding the people around him/her and so it was fun to hear her/his cheeky view about the contemporary arts scene.


Written by: i hate most painters

A trend I am seeing these days is a new kind of commercial art on the rise. It was in the olden days when people from our parents generation were indulging in apologetic, beautiful landscapes, still lives, especially horses and sometimes figures.

But now with the new generation upper class empowered with money, they are buying art that they find ‘risky’ without having any knowledge or taste in art. So you now see a new breed of artists creating weird, surrealistic paintings. The way to convince the buyer is that the works would be extremely photorealistic and beautifully rendered. But when you ask the artist the reason for producing such an image they have no answer. There is usually ‘juxtapositioning’ (fav word) of different objects and hybrid human and animal compositions.

I just wish I knew who he/she had in mind! Based on the description in the second paragraph, do any of you want to throw around a few wild guesses?

p.s. I totally agree on the over use, abuse even, of the work juxtapositioning!


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  1. zobia / Dec 20 2010 2:57 am

    umm now i wonder ,,,, why do u need the reason to paint except that u like to paint ….isnt it enough just curious ?????

    • the s.a. project / Dec 20 2010 6:33 pm

      Zobia it could be enough at certain points & absolutely lacking at’s not important to have complicated & lenghty concepts at all.but there must be an awareness of the kind of work being done & to know what contexts your work could be looked-at/read by the audience.also if an artist chooses to use very commonly recognized symbols in their works then they should understand the usage even if they don’t intend to give the same meaning in their work.
      More on this later…

  2. Nashmia Haroon / Dec 20 2010 2:30 pm

    I mostly agree with how the artists almost never have an answer for their work-or perhaps many think its fashionable to not have an answer.I think this is most common because artists do not write enough and do not put down their own thoughts on paper.

    • the s.a. project / Dec 20 2010 6:28 pm

      I agree with you Nashmia.much as creativity & artistic intent seems hard to pin down I think it’s also the unwillingness to do so that makes artists mute.however this is a speciality that I fear is far worse in our NCA.
      looking at artworks,talking to artists,reading articles and concepts & generally broadening ones mental horizon helps to better development of ones own thought process & the visual vocabulary increases manifold.but I meet so many students who don’t ‘look’ at other work because they don’t want to copy or be influenced by images.when all it takes is the realisation that no image is truly there’s & that all ideas in our head have come from our exposure to them in another form.

  3. Reham Sharbaji / Dec 20 2010 11:35 pm

    since you opened the subject.. beautifully rendered and photorealistic, juxtapositioning animal human, surreal yet for no reason whatsoever, except for the “inspiration” from of course dali and needless to say, photoshop… yes i can name many.
    you will find at least one if not ten in the nca undergrad degree show.. every year, at least every show since 2004 till 2009… mostly in painting, all works produced with the ever important photographic reference. just frame the bloody photograph then what the hell is the point of painting it?! and also hugely in miniature. yeah thats right, the miniature department proudly ejaculates individual factories, fully equipped to make beautiful pieces with sometimes an unfinished effect, maybe just an outline of a kitchen utensil or a figure’s limbs turning into a shadowy wash.. or an ever repeating pattern every goddamn time, in different colors, on a different surface perhaps…
    but what does it mean and what does it say and who is it for and why and when and how. i suppose “i hate most painters” is nicer than me

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