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November 23, 2010 / the s.a. project

so many rising birdies

The Rising Tide – New Direction in Art from Pakistan 1990-2010

There are times that I want enough money that I can easily buy a ticket and whizz off to any show or opening or workshop. And I’m not even being overly ambitious – I’m only talking Lahore to Karachi and back. I would have actually liked to be there for the Rising Tide show at the Mohatta Palace.

and I would have MOST DEFINITELY gate crashed the panel discussion which I believe was invitations only. Bah! I would’ve seen who would’ve kept me out.

(Pictures can be seen here -> Mohatta Palace Risign Tide facebook album)

Now the interesting thing about missing an event is the diverse range of feedback one gets. While some wax lyrical others are whining. Some cry “too many artists!” (42 artists!) others complain “why the hell was xyz not included“.

One such version had me believing that Hameed Haroon had a go at Naiza Khan over curation issues at the discussion panel, while another version completely denied it. Sigh*. When can I see the video of the discussion already.

Apparently it was also said that Hameed Haroon was openly apologetic to Shahid Sajjad for not being included in the show. verifications anyone?

Whatever the case was/is this was a hugely MAMMOTH task that Nazia took on and I believe that no matter what path she took she would still have had the same amount of lovers and haters. However, if the show stands to represent Pakistan’s finest (or all that was available in the shop) is something that is, and should be, openly debatable.

It does at one end address one concern of mine – that many of our bigger artists who don’t show so often in Pakistan were part of this show…everyone’s favourite boy-toy, Rashid Rana, included.

I’m just putting here some of the interesting views I heard that I’m sure will never make the press:

  • So they never gave a crap about Asim Butt when he was alive and now when he’s dead and gone suddenly he is this big thing…exploitation?
  • Ayesha Khalid’s installation (which I really liked in the pictures) apparently works much better on this site than it did in the Venice Biennale.
  • Why did Huma Mulji bring in that plane?!
  • Not all of the work in the show deserved to be there (eeps!).
  • etc. etc.

Do you have a view? did you attend the show? Did you miss it? What have you heard?

Please leave a comment below and feel free to use a fake name to air your views! if you need any help with words, why don’t you try the CRAP critique for dummies.

Meanwhile I’ll leave you with some standard fare reviews…yawn*

interesting quote from her article (sp error incl.):

“Among the Karachi artists included were Mansur Saleem and Abdul Jabbar Gul who, while finding much of interest in the show, were surprised they had not been directly approached for their work coming from private collections. “I would have chosen something else,” both remarked, though personally I felt Salim’s ‘Old Ilaco House’ which portrays the early architecture and hence the history of the city, contrived an interesting and illuminating contrast to other work sharing the gallery space with him.”




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  1. Tabrez / Jul 30 2011 5:49 am

    Hehe! So you tweeted about me stumbling on to your blog looking Hameed Haroon’s pictures! Well yeah ‘m quite smitten by the man! Is he single do you know?

    • the s.a. project / Jul 30 2011 9:20 pm

      Are you SERIOUS! hahahah this is hilarious. Abso-friggin-lutley! h
      How in the world did you know about my tweets? I was intrigued beyond belief!
      What an interesting day today is turning out to be…

  2. Tabrez / Jul 30 2011 8:59 pm

    I could spend a lifetime just looking at his face! 🙂

  3. Tabrez / Jul 31 2011 1:49 am

    Uff you’ve created such a hullabaloo about me liking him. Anything wrong in it?? I’m a perfectly sane fella who enjoys Manto, Murakami, Ishiguro, Begum Akhtar, Madam Noorjehan and an occasional game of polo over the weekends. Well ‘m outta here. 😦 *plays Teri aankhon ke siwa duniya mein rakha kya hai* P.S You’re doing absolutely fantastic work.

    • the s.a. project / Jul 31 2011 9:38 am

      Nothing really. I just never imagined….him as the subject of a naked picture search! To each his own really. But i did have a good time tweeting about it. 😀
      BTW You have GOT to drop by more often on the blog. I’m loving your good taste, craziness…and my tareef ofcourse!

  4. Tabrez / Jul 31 2011 10:38 am

    Haha! Went through most of your blog posts….talented as you are you seem to be supremely brave! And I dont mind you tweeting about me!

    P.S -Tomorrow I tell you one more secret about me.

  5. Tabrez / Feb 27 2012 11:13 am

    Were you there are the launch of Dou Rukh photographic exhibition? Hameed Haroon looked so damn cute!

    • the s.a. project / Feb 29 2012 10:11 pm

      Oh my God! You’re back with the Hameed Haroon gossip 😀
      I was actually NOT at the launch of the show because I happen to be far faaaar away from Pakistan, Asia, that side of the world. But I’m returning soon.

      P.s. you never told me the secret you promised to reveal in the comment above (Jul 31)

      • Tabrez / Jun 30 2013 8:59 pm

        So I finally saw Hameed Haroon in person. Think I died for a moment there. Hope you’ve been well.

  6. s.a. / Jul 1 2013 12:32 am

    Oh I missed you around here! Actually I miss me around here too. SOOO many crazy things happening in my life that I’ve gone incognito. But your Hameed Haroon obsession brings me back full force to my little yellow blog. Mubarak ho. I hope you had a telepathic express lane love affair in that moment with him.

    • Tabrez / Apr 4 2014 3:29 am

      Hello Saira!

      How have you been? Hope life’s good and bet you’re doing great work wherever you are. Saw Hameed Haroon on tv and was reminded of this blog! hehe…thought I’d drop by and say hello 🙂

  7. Tabrez / Jul 1 2013 6:03 am

    🙂 Sadly its just going to be that…a fleeting moment, a lost chance. Go to youtube/soundcloud and listen to ‘Raabta’ from Agent Vinod (hideous film!) that songs sums up what I felt in that moment.. Anything exciting happening on the work front?

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