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November 14, 2010 / the s.a. project

Writing is for schmucks

I’m working on an article for an online magazine called PaperCuts. The magazine is run by an online literary community who call themselves the Desi Writers Lounge. It would be worth it to drop by their page and see what they’re up to.

More than anything else, I believe that reading and writing receive the least amount of attention, coverage and respect in Pakistan now. Our country that was once the home of legendary writers and glorious prose and poetry, has shuffled into the corridors of dirty journalism. I would like to say sex, drugs and rock and roll too but that would be pushing it…or maybe not!

Although I’m not saying that the scenario is entirely hopeless. There are many efforts being made in the English literature department at least, with interest in lip-smacking bookshops like The Last Word and Pakistan’s own short story writing competition buzzing in the air, GRANTA doing a Pakistan edition, Newsweek opening a Pakistan office and people like Sonya Rehman
blogging in their own spheres. (which btw means you should keep checking out the blog links that I update on the rightside sidebar on my blog page for some interesting clicks)

Anyway the article will be briefly reviewing the art practice of three artists and their experience of the art world:

  1. Tehreem Jafri – painting graduate from the 1st batch of NCA Rawalpindi
  2. Naqsh Raj – painting graduate from Balochistan University, currently enrolled at the MA VA program at  NCA
  3. Imran Channa – BFA , MA VA  (NCA), professional artist

The article will be milder than what I like to churn out on this blog. just a bit. Will post the link soon enough and when it’s kosher post the article here too.

Read, love, hate. It’s your choice.

Till then happy Sunday breakfasting.

Where’s my bloody chai?!



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  1. Eme Jameme / Nov 14 2010 12:26 pm

    nice. those countries need freedom of speech

    • the s.a. project / Nov 15 2010 12:13 pm

      Eme, I think despite all odds, and what it may seem to the international circuit, Pakistanis are VERY vocal about how they feel in all forms of media – radio, tv, print and electronic, online and off.

      I was just sighting a few things that stood out this year and also lamenting the amazing quality of work that the generations before produced in our national language – stuff that is taught the world over, in universities of USA, Britian, Japan and so so much more.

      I’m not sure what you meant by “those countries” though.

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